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Hospitality Development Company (HDC) 

  - United Development Company (100%)
Incorporation date: 2007
Sector: Hospitality


Hospitality Development Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Development Company. It focuses on owning, developing and operating world-class hospitality projects and brands. The Company owns, develops and operates world-class hospitality projects and businesses. The Company’s strategy revolves around UDC’s vision of creating and managing a diverse portfolio of hospitality related businesses. Many of HDC’s brands are entering the Middle East market for the first time at The Pearl-Qatar. They include internationally celebrated and recognized names in the food and hospitality field.

HDC brands

HDC currently operates seven restaurants in The Pearl-Qatar.  A ninth restaurant is located in the West Bay business district. These restaurants, most of which are joint ventures with various international partners, include:

  • Isla: an elegant, high-end Mexican restaurant;
  • Megu: the finest in Japanese restaurant; 
  • Burj Al Hamam:  "The Art of Lebanese Cuisine" for over 50 years, this elegant restaurant offers a wide range of Lebanese traditional dishes and fresh seafood specialties;
  •  Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar: a slick, chic and stylish café offering salads, desserts, chocolate and ice-cream;
  • Al Tabkha: Authentic home-like cooking Lebanese food;
  • Urban Jazz Kitchen
  • Wafflemeister

Future plans

Social Club: Anticipated to open soon.

 For more information about Hospitality Development Company , please visit www.hdc-global.com