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  - United Development Company (100%)
Incorporation date: 2010
Sector: Property Management and Services

The Madinainova Company was established to address the needs of property owners and residents of The Pearl-Qatar. It also engages in the following business activities:

  • Investing in and managing commercial projects;
  • Investing in and managing industrial projects;
  • Investing in real estate;
  • Marketing and managing real estate projects.

Two main divisions make up the Madinainova company: (1) The Pearl-Qatar Central Authority; (2) The Pearl-Qatar’s Master Community Management.

The Pearl-Qatar Central Authority (TCAD )

TCAD is the regulatory body and service provider at The Pearl-Qatar. Its activities cover a broad range of services that include government relations, procedures and activities. TCAD also serves as the information hub, holding data related to properties operating on The Pearl-Qatar. It also acts as a focal contact point for the Island community, allowing connection to all services offered through a single window access.

Master Community Management

The Pearl-Qatar’s Master Community Management strives to serve current and future property owners and residents by providing the highest standards of maintenance, management, administration and control of all aspects of community life and common use facilities on the Island.

Madinainova Latest Achievements and Future Plans

  • Sustainably provided five-star governmental and non-governmental services to Pearl- Qatar residents, retailers and investors.
  • Effectively enforced rules and regulations, contributing to a quality living and working environment in The Pearl-Qatar.
  • Processed the issuance of title deeds and various registry transactions.
  • Issued event and exhibition licenses.
  • Managed the clearance of certification prerequisite for reselling of properties and/or obtaining title deeds.
  • Provided community based amenities such as play grounds, tennis courts and walkways.
  • Provided a single point of contact for The Pearl-Qatar through the Ittisal Help Desk initiative.
  • Provided residents and owners, through its easily accessible offices in Porto Arabia, a single window for accessing the services offered by the Department.
  • Provided a one-stop solution for easy access to applicable Qatar Government services.

Plans for next year include the introduction of new and efficient Madinainova customer-service offerings.