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United Technology Solutions 
Ownership: UDC – 100%
Incorporated: 2011
Sector: Technical and Business Solutions & Services

United Technology Solutions (UTS) is the Technology arm of UDC, offering both the Technical and Business Solutions to the Island and Qatar at large. UTS motto is delivering unparalleled solutions and services with SMART Business by SMART Teams.

UTS solutions and services are vendor-independent, innovative, high quality ‘Solutions and Services’ designed with client’s value-add. UTS Solutions are a mix and match of leading products to advance business needs rather than having a ‘one fit for all’ approach that often results in a compromised quality and business innovation. In addition, UTS manages the IPTV system within The Pearl-Qatar with ‘Free to Air’ channels in several languages and paid channels from the leading content providers.

UTS solutions and services varies in many verticals, but not limited to, the following:
1. ICT, Business Solutions, ERP and BI
2. Home Automation Systems
3. Security Management Systems, CCTV
4. Cabling and Network Infrastructure
5. Data Centre Management, Storage and Hosting
6. IPTV and Telecommunications
7. Consultancy, Project Management and PMO

Achievements in 2014 and Future Plans

Since its inception, UTS has provided world-class business solutions and services, while offering the most professional systems integrations and project implementation. UTS has recorded tangible growth in 2014, boasting a healthy financial performance, approximately 20% y-to-y, while offering innovative customer solutions.

In 2015, UTS plans on expand our solution offerings, enlarge our home base, and grow a profitable margins. By seeking additional partnership with various vendors, align strategic suppliers and renegotiate better margins with key partners.