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Qatar Cool 

Ownership: 51% - United Development Company
Incorporation date: 2003
Sector: District cooling


Now in its 11th year of operation, Qatar Cool has capitalized on UDC’s strategic vision to create a centralized utility company dedicated to providing district cooling to both The Pearl -Qatar and Doha’s growing industrial, commercial and residential developments.

District cooling entails the production and circulation of chilled water to multiple buildings through a network of insulated underground pipes. In 2010, the Company inaugurated the world’s largest district cooling plant ‘The Integrated District Cooling Plant’ (IDCP) at the Pearl-Qatar. IDCP will service more than 80 apartment towers, beachfront villas and townhouses, shopping complexes, offices, schools and hotels throughout the Island, ultimately supplying 130,000 tons of refrigeration to the Island’s 45,000 residents.

Two other plants are fully-operational in West Bay, To date our West Bay plants have a combined connected load of just over 76,921 tons of refrigeration (TR) serving 50 of the towers. Additionally, Qatar Cool built a dedicated district cooling plant for AL Gassar resort and St. Regis hotel providing 10,000 TR for the property.

Key Advantages of district cooling

  • Reliability:
    • Higher energy utilization and substantially reduced energy consumption.
    • Continuous operations with a back-up system in case of emergency.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally sound:
    • Conserves energy and improves operating efficiency. Reduces CO2 levels, resulting in cleaner air.
    • Reduces the need for huge capital investment for A/C equipment on developed sites, bringing cost down while making buildings safer and more environmentally friendly.
    • Easy to operate and maintain.
    • Comfort and convenience through significant reduction of vibration and noise.

Latest accomplishments and milestones:

  • Increased the connected capacity of the cooling plant on The Pearl-Qatar from 53,904 Tons of Refrigeration in 2012, serving 37 Energy Transfer Stations, to 76,964 tons of refrigeration in 2013, serving 56 Energy Transfer Stations (ETSs) and 9 HEXs.
  • Increased the connected capacity of the West Bay plants from 63,156 Tons of Refrigeration in 2012, serving 45 towers, to 66,609 tons of refrigeration in 2013, serving 46 towers.
  • Awarded the “Award of Excellence” at the 3rd Global District Energy Climate Awards in New York City, USA – organized by the International District Energy Association (IDEA) along with Euroheat and Power.
  • Awarded the “Best District Cooling Utility Provider” at the Middle East Climate Control awards ceremony in Dubai.
  • Accumulated various industry awards from the International District Energy Association (IDEA) for square footage served, number of buildings served, and a special recognition for innovation.
  • Participated in environmental events such as Earth Day 2013.
  • Engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that included: blood donation drive, educational tours at the world’s largest district cooling plant, celebrating earth hour, among others.

Future plans:

  • New improvements on online billing systems and customer self-service portal.
  • Targeting energy optimization for all Qatar Cool plants to ensure energy is stored during idle periods for future use in more demanding periods.
  • In light of Qatar’s 2030 vision, Qatar Cool is actively coordinating with different agencies and authorities to find the optimum solutions for future infrastructure.
  • Growth is expected at all levels of operation, including increase in the number of full-time staff, increases in plant capacities as well as increases in production levels.

For more information about Qatar District Cooling Company(Qatar Cool), please visit www.qatarcool.com