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  - United Development Company (20%)
  - Qatar Petroleum (80%)
Incorporation date: 2004
Sector: Petrochemical


SEEF Limited was incorporated under the laws of the State of Qatar in July 2004. It is a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and United Development Company. The shareholders’ paid up capital is QR 1.00 billion.

The Company owns a plant in Mesaieed Industrial City that produces Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB), a hydrocarbon based petrochemical material used as the main feedstock to manufacture commercial detergents.
The plant produces more than 100,000 metric tons of LAB per year as well as  Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB), a by-product used as feed stock for the production of lubricant oil.

SEEF adheres to strict environmental policies by following strict national and international production standards. It employs the latest environmentally friendly UOP DETAL process, using a solid bed catalyst alkylation process that abolishes the use of hazardous liquid acid in the plant. The UOP process is an effective method of continuously separating Normal Paraffin from a stream of co-boiling hydrocarbons by means of physically selective absorption.

The Company continued its marketing expansion in 2011, supplying products to North and South American clients. It has also recently introduced CIF sales to augment its FOB sales. Moreover, SEEF has successfully increased its presence in international markets by developing sustainable business relationships with multinational detergent manufacturing companies throughout the world. Consequently, SEEF products today are well established in the market place, and the company has earned the goodwill of its customers through a professional and customer focused approach adopted over the years.

Through its stake in SEEF, United Development Company leverages its presence in the petrochemical sector, a strategically and economically reliable industry.

For more information about SEEF Ltd, please visit www.seef.com.qa