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The Pearl Owners Corporation (TPOC) 

  - United Development Company (100%)
Incorporation date: 2011
Sector: Co-Owners Association Management Services


The Pearl Owners Corporation (TPOC) provides Co-Owners Association Management Services to co-owned freehold property owners in Qatar.

TPOC’s full service Association Management services comprise four main activities:

  • Administrative Management Services: These services include arranging and facilitating meetings of each association and providing comprehensive support to Co-Owners’ representatives.
  • Financial Management Services: Included in these services are setting budgets for Co-Owned properties, issuing service charges and collection services as well as full management of the Co-Owners’ budgets.
  • Property Management Services: Covers the management of the Co-Owned Built Environment, including administering service providers and monitoring the planned maintenance to ensure the properties achieve their designated life cycle as well as overseeing the enforcement of community rules and regulations.
  • Transparent Record Keeping: The management of the records, including all financial chronicles for the Co-Owners Associations to ensure accurate accounts as well as full transparency in decision-making.

Latest achievements and future plans:

  • Providing consultancy for Qanat Quartier.
  • Provision of Co-Owners Association Management Services for additional properties in Porta Arabia as more properties in TPQ are completed.
  • The issuance of a fully output-based FM delivery model that innovates and permits efficient in-class service delivery.
  • Benchmarking of services across Co-Owners Associations.
  • Full compliance with TPQ Constitution.
  • TPOC’s future plans stipulates an increase in service platforms for all owners and residents of the Co-Owners Associations, as well as increasing customer satisfaction across all existing Co-Owners Associations.

For more information about The Pearl Owners Corporation (TPOC) please visit www.thepearlowners.com