Creating an environment for employees to reach their professional goals


UDC's commitment to creating “Partnerships for Progress” lies at the heart of our employment policy. Every member of our staff is a crucial part of our present and future success, and we rely upon the passion, initiative and hard work of every individual to deliver our corporate goals.

A career at UDC is both challenging and rewarding. We are fortunate to be able to offer positions in a wide range of disciplines and to create a culture of excellence and best practice in each of them. Our diversified portfolio of businesses offers a wide variety of opportunities to join and build a promising career within UDC.

You are welcome to look through the opportunities presently available through our website, and submit your resumé. The Human Resources team is glad to assess your skills and experience and will contact you should a suitable opening arise.

Working at UDC

Working at UDC demands commitment and skill. To foster the environment where it is possible for all of our employees to deliver the best of which they are capable, UDC has developed core Human Resources objectives that aim to:

  • Create a workplace where employees appreciate the values of trust and teamwork
  • Ensure that employees understand the link between their performance and the success of the company
  • Provide clear goals, assign responsibilities, and install a system of measurements to ensure accountability across functions
  • Create an environment where employees are challenged to deliver “excellence”


People are our most important resource. Without their commitment and their drive our goals as a company will not be achieved.

If you are interested in challenges and have a passion to excel in your field of expertise, then please send us your resumé by clicking at the appropriate career opportunity listed. We will acknowledge your submission and contact you at an appropriate time.




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